Leading The Way


Stellar Group is a development and investment company specializing in education and training, entrepreneurship and venture capital. The company develops it's own investment projects and invests in other existing early stage businesses. Stellar Group offers the necessary resources for those businesses to achieve their full potential, leverage and expand the business into other local and international markets and provide value added services to its existing client base.


The company was founded in 2011, since then Stellar Group invested in the development of a new early childhood education center project. In 2012 Stellar Group co-invested in an existing creative light industry project. SG continues to examine opportunities focusing on human and business development.


Stellar Group is a leading company in education and training, youth development and community development in the MENA by investing in projects, providing consultancy services to companies and government institutions, and organizing world standards forums.


Stellar group was founded to catalyze youth development and foster women empowerment in the MENA region and especially in Saudi Arabia. Through a wide range of programs & projects, Stellar Group facilitates quality deal flow, encourages investor collaboration and develop important relationships with local and international key service providers. Regional exhibitions and activities include a venture fair, regular networking events, educational forums. All these activities aim to create a positive environment for healthier development of Stellar Group and other businesses and institutes in KSA and MENA.


Stellar Group works with entrepreneurs and other investors by providing capital investments and management support in early stage companies that show positive indication and high potential. Those investment types should meet certain criteria. Stellar Group main interests fall within education and training and creative industries including ICT. Among other criteria elements, some of the issues we examine in opportunities include job creation, values and ethics, social impact, youth development and women empowerment.


Several resources are available to Stellar Group clients and business partners. These resources cover a wide range of specialties enhanced by our local and international strong network of professional organizations and high net-worth individuals. Stellar Group can connect your business with similar business in different regions around the world. We can offer consultation in:



Venture Capital



Stellar Group team works on developing products for use in education and training e.g. children stories and teacher books. In cooperation with local and international firms and organizations we work to develop entrepreneurship training programs to help enabling young entrepreneurs.


Events are great ways to network and connect with people from your field. Get to know the latest development and trends, share experiences and stay up to date. Business owners meet and discover new partners and associates that can add value to your business or idea. Stellar Group events are world class and generally relate to company interests i.e. education, training, human development, investment and entrepreneurship. Our events are unique opportunities that should not be missed.